Stinkhole is a small trading post community of about 80 residents built into a the depression of a sinkhole. Originally dubbed “Sinkhole” the natural sulfur spring in the center of town earned it the nickname “Stinkhole” among residents and it eventually became official.

The perimeter is protected by a 20 foot tall scrap metal wall with an East and West entrance. The main trading post near the center of town is the only large structure, the remnants of a barn built before the sinkhole formed. The rest of the town consists of ramshackle lean-to’s and huts that constantly change with the fluctuating population of drifters, mercenaries and salvagers.

Life is bearable in Stinkhole, the water tastes horrible but it’s radiation free and the diarrhea goes away after a few weeks. There aren’t enough resources to support a large population so the majority of the inhabitants are transient.

Notable Persons

Hugo Mayor

Grom Twee Captain of the guard

Lennie the guard


Lethal Dose JustinMeisse